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EFA Membership


  • are part of a global network of professionals involved in the research, practice, and teaching of the greater field of Finance;
  • are invited to submit papers and participate in the EFA Annual Meeting – the yearly conference of the Association, typically staged at a European location in mid-/late August;
  • are registered in the Oxford Journals / Oxford University Press (OUP) database and, as EFA members, receive a complimentary personal print and/or online subscription to the Review of Finance (RoF) – the official journal of the European Finance Association (which, as of December 2013, is outrightly owned by EFA);
  • are entitled to one complimentary paper submission to the EFA Annual Meeting of the same calendar year as that of paid membership (with no guarantee of paper acceptance);
  • may consult the EFA website for relevant and helpful information, such as:
    • direct links to the EFA Annual Meeting & Doctoral Tutorial websites
    • the current composition of the EFA Executive Committee
    • job postings & opportunities (via the EFA Online JobMarket)
    • the News & Events in Finance webpage (selected announcements by members)
    • membership info & benefits and links to OUP as well as RoF (e.g., ToC Alerts)
    • historical overviews of EFA Annual Meetings, best paper awards, etc.
    • governance info, statutes of the association, general assembly minutes, etc.
  • if desired (as one's own profile settings can be self-adjusted), may receive occasional announcements via bulk e-mailing regarding EFA conferences & events, as well as info about EIASM workshops and EDEN doctoral seminars on management topics, as organised by the European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management (EIASM).


The EFA annual membership fee is 60 per calendar year – including VAT / GST and a personal print & online subscription to the association's journal Review of Finance.
NOTE: All EFA memberships and RoF subscriptions are valid for one calendar year only (January 1 – December 31) regardless of when you join or renew for that year. As a member, you are entitled to receive any missing back issues of the journal volume if you renew / join mid-year. For those planning to submit a paper to the EFA Annual Meeting (usual deadline mid-February), please note that your EFA membership includes one complimentary paper submission to that year's EFA conference. EFA memberships and benefits are personal and cannot be transferred to other individuals (e.g., co-authors). EFA does not currently offer multi-year, group or institutional memberships.

Click here to apply for your EFA membership or renew online!

ATTENTION: As from 2012, Oxford Journals / Oxford University Press (OUP) is handling memberships & annual renewals to the European Finance Association (EFA), in addition to publishing the Association's journal and managing member subscriptions to the Review of Finance (RoF). For more details and background, please read the OUP Letter to EFA Members.

If you are a recent EFA member, towards the end of each year you will receive an e-mail with a renewal notice from OUP regarding your EFA membership and RoF subscription for the following year. We regret that it may not be possible for previous EFA members to renew online via OUP if they have allowed their memberships to lapse for several years... Once OUP holds your current e-mail address, you will automatically be delivered a secure link and reminder(s) to renew your EFA membership / RoF journal subscription via the OUP website annually.
NOTE: Please inform OUP of any changes to your e-mail or postal addresses immediately! You are also reminded to regularly check / update your password-protected EIASM profile as needed at www.eiasm.org so that EFA has your correct coordinates on file for bulk e-mailings and other occasional communications of relevance to EFA members.


For inquiries about EFA memberships and/or renewals, please consult the OUP Customer Service webpage. If you would like a new EFA membership / RoF journal subscription, please click here to order online. (Scroll down the page to locate the EFA Members area and fees.)
NOTE: Registering as an EFA member with OUP and activating your online access to the RoF will help to identify you as an EFA member if / when you submit a paper to or register for the EFA Annual Meeting.

ATTENTION: For all information regarding your EFA membership, renewal and / or RoF subscription status, please contact OUP directly via e-mail at: jnls.cust.serv@oup.com.

For all other EFA-related inquiries (except for membership renewal status and OUP / RoF subscription info), you may send an e-mail to efa@eiasm.be.

If you are not sure where or to whom to direct your inquiry, please Contact Us...