Symposium on Endowment and Philanthropic Institutions Asset Management Athens, August 27-30, 2008

The European Finance Association is organizing a Symposium on Endowment and Philanthropic Institutions Asset Management, within the auspices of the EFA 2008. The purpose of the Symposium is to bring together leading scholars, philanthropists, and practitioners in the field. The symposium will include a series of sessions with presentations of relevant academic papers. In addition, there will be a panel session composed of discussions from major philanthropists, directors of large endowments and leading academics in the field. The panel discussion will focus around alternative ways for managing the asset base of an endowed institution, including philanthropies, sovereign funds, educational institutions, and private foundations. It will act as a forum for exchanging ideas and experience on asset management within the context of such pools of money, and seeks to stimulate further related academic work in the field. Academic papers directly or indirectly related to asset management of endowments are invited for submission. Indirectly related papers include those broadly on asset management issues, hedge funds, private equity, dynamic investment strategies, institutional aspects of endowment asset management, and clinical and case-based studies. Papers submitted for possible presentation at the EFA 2008 will automatically be considered for inclusion in the symposium. Authors wishing to maximize their chance to be included in the symposium program are encouraged to explicitly denote their interest during the submission process of their papers. There will be a Best Paper award for the Symposium.

Track Chair: Elroy Dimson,
EFA 2008 Program Chair: Maria Vassalou,